Sunday, December 03, 2006

Prayers and fasting .. live as I type ..

See that map .. See all the rain that's pouring! That radar image was taken at the same time as I am making this post. This people is wonderful wonderful wonderful ...

At the moment my part of the world has been in a horrendous drought. I am talking being on level 4 water restrictions, the worst level is level 5. We have not seen good rain in months and months .. November December January are our cyclone seasons, which is when our dams historically get filled. This past November there were no storms, there were one or two days of showers that lasted a couple of hours, but nothing to drench the hot dusty earth.

Last Sunday our Local Church Leaders (Pacific Area President) - informed the leaders that this Fast Sunday was to be set aside by all members to fast for the specific purpose of rain to break the drought we are in. All week Howard has been excited for this fast and has even told several people how Sunday he will be getting his umbrella ready. There have been a lot of doubting thomas's thats for sure ! including me.

Although last night at 7.30pm I started my fast with a good feeling. This morning I woke up to a rain soaked ground, but nothing too lasting. Then tonight a couple of hours before I am to end my fast, a tropical storm has been unleashed ! It's wonderful ! So far I have heard 4 rumblings of thunder, what a beautiful beautiful sound. You know what the storm started as Howard has ended his fast .. he started his fast earlier than me. He had so much faith that it was going to work, and I think the blessing of that faith is pouring on our heads right now .. wonderful isn't it !

But you know .. I have an answer to the water crisis too .. There are these huge chunks of ice bergs floating past New Zealand .. it's taken them 7 years to make it that far ! Why doesn't our navy .. go hook a couple of these ice bergs up to the back of their ship thingys and tow them here to water starved Australia. Dump them in our dried up dams and let the sun do all the rest ! ..

Just wanted to share that .. Now go away .. come back another day .. hah :-)