Sunday, January 11, 2009

Happy New Year

so anyways i haven't been around for quite a while. some peeps might be wondering what i have been doing ..

well i have been busy .. i go out alot and then go to work and then sleep alot ..

i have become interested in and been frequenting local jam nights .. you know the type, local musicians get together and do their stuff .. i even get up on a regular like basis and sing and stuff .. (played the guitar the other day) ..

anyways here are some of the fellas doing their thing.

the first clip are danny and vic - vic is the master genius jam night organiser, he's pretty popular with all musicians throughout the city .. i do what i can to help him out on a wednesday at the muddy farmer, which is where this clip was filmed. the muddy farmer is purely acoustic, vic only takes 3 guitars along, it's more for the singers than the musicians.

the second and third clips are from the queenslander, serious musicians turn up here. the change is decked out with drums, acoustic electric and bass guitars, and usually percussion bongos and if someone brings them, keyboards. the guys in these clips were awesome, much much mucho better to see them live.

anyways here goes ! this might be my first and last post for the year .. haha