Thursday, October 19, 2006

Ladies and Gentlemen, it's been wonderful.

Whoa, I so have not been around lately ! but I have been getting demands to post about my Elvis Concert. I was going to wait till I got some of the pics I took onto my computer, but I have lost the chord to connect .. so I'll just have to do without.

Can I just say that it was AWESOME ! ?

From the moment we drove into the car park and saw 4 elvis', then roamed around the venue that had Elvis Memorabillia, and crowded in with the grannies and their sons to buy Elvis Programs, we knew it was going to be one heck of a night.

The concept was that Elvis performs live (but he's dead) .. on a Gigantic screen that hangs over the stage, with past concert footage. Whilst his original band, his original back up singers and others are on the stage, performing live. Just think reverse karaoke, except the singer is on the video and the soundtrack is live on stage ..

It was quite amazing .. The timing that must be involved. They played their instruments and sang in perfect timing to what Elvis was doing on screen. It really was like watching him live. I mean just try to imagine big arena concerts nowadays where you are so far away from the stage that you only get to see the band on the big screen anyways, that's what it was like.

Gotta tell ya, at the beginning it was quite weird to think he was not actually there, but that feeling quickly left as they started doing their thing. Although once again at the end that feeling came back like a thunderbolt, as we all looked at the stage with the lights up and the screen blanked, with no Elvis.

It was a great night, I would recommend it too anyone who truly loves Elvis .. and I would encourage anyone else just to go to be amazed at the concept that the show was ..

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Family Fun Days are such fun..

I wasn't there . but I heard .. plus the pictures are worth much more than a thousand words could express ..

The Osborne Clan, My baby brother his wife and 4 beautiful daughters. They came first ! woot woot.

Nana Joe (my sisters mum in law), Matt my baby bro and my sister Roni and her beautiful girls.

The Hippolite Clan, 6 of them, plus one ring in.


This is the winning family and their trophy ..