Sunday, March 30, 2008

Lost Loves.


Hey, wake up ! Let’s go fishing
We don’t have a fishing line
Don’t be a party pooper.. bring your sleeping bag
We don’t have a tent
Don’t worry it’s not going to rain
So, fishing we went
Sleeping on the side of a cliff, using shrubs
As a barrier to make sure we didn’t roll
Over into the ocean
In the morning looking at the glistening
Pools of water, we spotted a mermaid
A nymph playing and splashing amongst the rock pools
Then it was time to fish
What a bounty of fish there was to be had
You should have seen the ones that got away
Ever seen the sunrise ? on an undisturbed horizon
Is this how our lives are blessed daily
Is the beauty in this little bit of Heaven, our

You went away so long ago
But I have never forgotten
I never will
Your last words
That touch of heaven - It’s All Worth It

Still miss you Ed.