Sunday, March 30, 2008

Lost Loves.


Hey, wake up ! Let’s go fishing
We don’t have a fishing line
Don’t be a party pooper.. bring your sleeping bag
We don’t have a tent
Don’t worry it’s not going to rain
So, fishing we went
Sleeping on the side of a cliff, using shrubs
As a barrier to make sure we didn’t roll
Over into the ocean
In the morning looking at the glistening
Pools of water, we spotted a mermaid
A nymph playing and splashing amongst the rock pools
Then it was time to fish
What a bounty of fish there was to be had
You should have seen the ones that got away
Ever seen the sunrise ? on an undisturbed horizon
Is this how our lives are blessed daily
Is the beauty in this little bit of Heaven, our

You went away so long ago
But I have never forgotten
I never will
Your last words
That touch of heaven - It’s All Worth It

Still miss you Ed.


Abi-g said...


Trude said...

hey abi :D ..

yeah I think you know the story behind that one ..

Funny how someone can be taken from us .. but never leave aye ..

The bugger .. still lingers around me .. when I see him again I'm gonna give him a slap .. haha ..

ps. lovely too see you ..

Abi-g said...

are you active again? or is this a rare moment caught in cyberspace?

Yes, I remember the story, which is why the thoughts/words typed seem even more beautiful.

Wow, there is so much to ask... Ive missed you.

Trude said...

yes lovely .. i am active .. got myself a laptop and got rid of the PC .. and am pretty much online again ..

Was going to do a catchup post but didn't know where to start or where to end really !

So ask away .. maybe that can be my next blog .. answering your questions :-)

Abi-g said...

Yippideedoodaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Im so excited...
so I want pix of the new crib
4 places you have been since being off line, that you really enjoyed
4 things you have eaten that you've loved
4 things you never expected
4 people you have gotten to know better and how
4 things about your life you like
4 things in the gospel that has made you think
4 things you have improved on.
4 talents you have worked on

and 4 items of clothing that you wouldnt be without... hows that?

congrats on the online again status with laptop and all.

Trude said...

wow that's one huge assignment ! something for me to work on this weekend .. haha ..

Yeah As I have been able too I've been mosying through your blog world abi .. Seems like there's so much I've missed out on ! going back to the USA ? I totally missed that trip !

Anyways you have given me some good fodder to get my brain back into blogging gear .. :D