Saturday, April 05, 2008

Genie in a bottle

Well this is installment 1 of 2 - Abi wanted pics of my new place .. here it is ! in all it's unadulterated glory. Small but sufficient and full of things I love.

The kitchen sink .. that kettle I bought for .50c . Just my little bit of a splurge. The lantern a birthday gift and the glasses also bought at a bargain $1.00 for the lot.
The shoe rack. Since I don't actually have a washing machine and just go to my sisters to visit once a week to do my washing - I needed to use the space that the washing machine would go wisely - hence my shoe cupboard.
See how willing I am to shaer my life. This is the bathroom/toilet .. that glass panel on the right is the shower, unfortunately not bath for me !

This is where all the jams take place, under my marquee in the back courtyard. Looks splendid at night with all the candles going. We jam by natural means. No electricity needed. My dining room - really need to get rid of the cane chairs and get some others, but that can wait.
Looking from my hallway to the dining to the kitchen to the back door ! haha .. not really a hallway.

This is my entertainment, come library, come office space. All thanks to Ikea ! No home is a home without family photos aye .. even if they are stuck under the stairs.
The other half of the kitchen. Those wine glasses $2 ! yeah i am a bargain shopper. Note NO microwave, I don't happen to believe in them except for softening hardened ice cream. And since ice cream is no longer a part of my diet, I have no need for a microwave. Even though I have been offered many by many friends - no sir - I'm a cook cook.
The king bed actually looks a bit dwarfed in the bedroom - because the bedroom is a GREAT size ! there is another bedroom too but it's my junk/dressing room and will not be shown publicly ..
the foot of the king bed. hmm yes the curtains are an interim fix - I am looking around for better .. honest.
The lounge/guest room haha .. yeah both of those seats/couches recline to single and double beds - comes in handy let me tell you !
Just another look at the lounge. My friend danny who painted that portrait is doing another one of my father to go on blank wall, can't wait to see it finished !


DebraPants said...

Looks like a nice place. And way to bargain shop!

Abi-g said...

yay, your own place!!!!! yipppeeeee that is so freaking cool. I need to send you something from Italia that is cheap to post... any ideas?
Love Ikea a whole bunch. I had never been until we moved to italy. I live there now lol.

I can not believe one person can own that many shoes. I thought I had a thing for shoes and I have 7 pairs lol.

Thanks for the looks see... love it.