Sunday, July 30, 2006

So I've been wondering lately

1. a) how does the information superhighway work .. How for example am I able to type this . . How does my keyboard know that whatever button I push is a certain letter and that it can sometimes be a CAPITAL .. then how does that transform itself onto my screen.. and then when I push a button travel on this information highway to end up on everyone elses screen ... how ?? I can't understand it ..

b) sort of in the same vein as above .. how do mobile phones work .. how can I talk into my mobile phone and it travel out into space into the phone of the person I am ringing and noone elses .. how are mobile phones able to have this seemingly one on one connection with one another and find these signals out of the millions that must be out there .. to communicate with one another ..

2. how come if someone might fart, lighting a match seems to dispel of the odour .. does the fire from the match soak it all up ? (sorry I know its gross, but I have been thinking about that, which probably means I'm gross too)

Just a couple of things that are tormenting my little brain right now ..

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

My Favourite Song

I can't get this song out of my head today .. I have a copy of it .. a duet with Elvis and his daughter, (performed aka Nat and Natalie Cole style) ..

Today I stumbled from my bed
With thunder crashing in my head
My pillow still wetFrom last night tears
And as I think of giving up
A voice inside my coffee-cup
Kept crying but
And ringing in my ears

Dont cry daddy
Daddy, please dont cry
Daddy, youve still got me and little tommy
Together well find a brand new mommy
Daddy, daddy, please laugh again
Daddy ride us on your back again
Oh, daddy, please dont cry

Why are children always first
To feel the pain and hurt the worst
Its true, but somehow
It just dont seem right
cause evry time I cry I know
It hurts my little children so
I wonder will it be the same tonight

Dont cry daddy
Daddy, please dont cry
Daddy, youve still got me and little tommy
Together well find a brand new mommy
Daddy, daddy, please laugh again
Daddy ride us on your back again
Oh, daddy, please dont cry
Oh, daddy, please dont cry

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

I'm a survivor !

I need to make a shirt that says that .. I am a survivor !

What did I survive ? Lets see . my sister and her husband and one child have gone to New Zealand for the week. She has 5 other children. The older three have gone to my mums and I get the younger two. I drop them off at my brothers before work and pick them up after work. Today was my first day !

Lets see the day went something like this :

5am : child stirs walks around house looking for mum, aunty hears the stirring and wakes up and cuddles the child on the couch, then gets the bright idea to turn on the tv. Child is happy.
5.30am : 2nd child stirs, but decides to jump on aunty (apparently a favourite pasttime), aunty decides this favourite parttime is not a good idea, and sends child to loungeroom to watch tv.
6am : aunty decides waking up is a good idea.
6.45am : aunty remembers being instructed to make sure kids are fed ! so decides to make some breakfast. Kids look happy / aunty is happy
7am : aunty remembers that kids need showers and need to get dressed, as well as getting herself ready for work.
7.35am : aunty runs through house screaming at kids to get into the car, then decides to take the van instead, as the car is out of petrol.
7.36am : kids get into car, one complaining her hair isn't brushed (geeze) the other complaining his shoes are not on his feet and he is cold (he was toooold to bring a jumper) .. was it mentioned the girl is 5 and the boy 4 ?
7.45am : aunty drops kids off at brothers and rushes to work, she starts at 8.00am .. walks in the door at 8.05am .. great timing !
10am : mother rings to say that the girl is upset. Aunty rings brother for verification, Brothers wife says opposite, that the girl is loving it! playing. Aunty tries to figure out how mother got it wrong, then discovers that when mother rang and asked how the kids were, Brothers wife responed "fine" which mother took as "crying" .. hah ! someone needs a hearing aid !
4.30pm : aunty arrives at brothers to pickup the kids, then remembers she needs to feed them dinner, then remembers she can't cook. So since it's pay day, aunty offers to take brothers 4 kids with her and the 2 kids she's baby sitting to Sizzlers. Brother agrees this is a good idea, and runs around getting his 4 kids ready in record time, shoves them out the door and waves bye bye, behind the locked window. Aunty thinks he wanted to get rid of his kids.
5.00pm : aunty and 6 kids arrive at Sizzlers, ordering as follows. 1 x 4 year old salad bar, 2 x 5 year old salad bar, 1 x 7 year old salad bar, 1 x 9 year old salad bar, 1 x 12 year old salad bar, 1 x adult salad bar meal ... total $71.60 .. which isn't bad really $10.00 each ! when you break it down .. (yeah aunty can justify anything) .. Aunty encourages kids to call her 'aunty' out loud as she notices the horrified looks of other patrons, as she stands in line without a ring on her wedding finger and 6 kids ! hah
5.45pm : the youngest the boy the 4 year old, decides it might be fun to shake pepper into everyones plates
5.46pm : the youngest the boy the 4 year old, is locked into a high chair where he can't reach anything on the table
6.45pm : Brother rings and suggests that his children go home with aunty and he will pick up his kids after his basketball game which is at 8.30pm that night. Aunty in a moment of noncoherence agrees.
7.00pm : Aunty and 6 kids arrive home. As they arrive home and she hears the yelping of the puppy, she remembers the puppy needs to be fed and walked ..
7.30pm : 3 kids are in movie room watching Drumline, 3 kids are in lounge room watching disney channel, aunty is in computer room, errrr hiding -- smiling to herself ! she survived the day ! WAIT do these kids need a shower ? hmmm

Saturday, July 08, 2006

I'm stealing this off sherpa ... I admit it !

4 Jobs I’ve Had:
cleaner - started with a pub, then a shopping centre, then two stories of an city office building
pizza hut deliverer
IT Administrator
Accounts Administrator
4 Movies I can Watch Over & Over:
Princess Bride
Bridget Jones
Matrix - all 4 !
4 Places I Have Lived:
Mangere, Auckland New Zealand
Eagleby, Brisbane Australia
Kingston, Brisbane Australia
Underwood, Brisbane Australia
4 Places I Want to Live-
Gold Coast, Brisbane Australia
Noosa, Brisbane Australia
Hamilton, New Zealand
San Francisco, USA
4 TV Shows I Watch Regularly: this is hard! I don't really do tv
that 70's show
CSI Vegas
Cold Case
another one on the tip of my tongue .. that has that guy that gets into the heads of the suspects ... he was once married to an english actress and they lived in Australia, but it's an american show, very popular ... ack
4 Places I Have Vacationed:
New Zealand - both Islands
USA - most of the west and midwest including Hawaii + some of the mid east
Sydney - Australia
Melbourne - Australia
4 Places I would Like to Vacation:
4Favorite Dishes:
spinach and feta quiche
moreton bay bugs from Michael's
vegetarian pizza from Toscani's
4 Sites I visit daily:
4 Places I Would Rather Be:
hamilton - new zealand
gold coast - beach
san francisco - usa
mount tamborine - lamington national park
4 books I've read I'd recommend:
the Book of Mormon
LOTR trilogy
The Secret Power Within - Chuck Norris
Jesus the Christ - talmage
4 People I am Tagging
only 2 people I know of read this and one of them I stole this from

so I tag Dan .. 4 times ..

OH my goodness I nearly forgot ~

I nearly forgot about this little space of mine on the web .. I was just sitting there today thinking .. hay .. my blogspot !

Is that a sign of my age ? I am becoming clumsy and forgetful ...

Today is the start of the bledisloe cup ! goooo New Zealand All Blacks !

for the unintiated .. the bledisloe cup is a three game series of rugby union between australia and new zealand .. very very important dontcha know ..

So now all loyalties to Australia go OUT THE WINDOW ! .. I am an all black through and through ..