Sunday, July 06, 2008


SKA GROUP SPACIFIX performing She's Gone

Saw these guys last week. Across the ditch tour, which was a blend of 3 groups and a dj thrown in for good measure. Renee Geyer headlined, 3 Houses Down followed, and Spacifix ended the evening. What an evening it was ! I am a ska lover from waaaaay back when Devo brang it out. These guys are a cross between Devo and Prince in style and sound and entertainment. One of the best concerts I have been too .. ever .. All three acts absolutely killed it.

I've been pretty lucky of late too become friends with fantastic musicians, who travel in and around Brisbane and the Gold Coast, watching each other perform, performing or just jamming. I have to say my favourite outings are going to the jam nights. I even get up regularly now. Usually on command from Vic who runs them. This last week was one of my fave ever. After listening to the rockers it was our turn to jam R'N'B style. Ever heard James Brown "get on up" .. hah .. the boys knew the song but didn't know the words, so we were entertained too 7 minutes of outstanding musicians, showing their thang, singing "get on up" .. for good measure. Loved it. I did "Emotion" by the Bee Gees and also Georgy Porgy by Toto, both songs I have never sung before in my life, but did them anyways. Wasn't too bad I don't think.

Now I am on holidays again .. for 2 weeks. Yeah I know I have been getting the messages from you guys, asking when I am getting back from my last holiday ! .. sorry about that. I just got a bit busy and also had writers block. Meaning I just don't know what too write. So I'll try too let you know waht I've been up too in 10 words or less ?? heh ..

Went too New Zealand - Went too CCNZ reunion - it rocked ! seriously. I never went to Church College - but know plenty of people who have, and felt like one of the alumni, it was like going home too see old friends. 4 days of entertainment, laughter, tears, reminiscing, missing my dad, seeing my aunty, catching up with friends and family. My favourite part of the reunion was the Ball - I 'heard' there was close too 4,000 people in attendance. There were 4 different bands at the ball. The headlining act being Ardijah. Just one of my favourite bands ever !

For those who dont know. CCNZ is the church college of New zealand. A mormon church sponsored school that has been operating for 50 years. 2009 it will be closed down. A very emotional time for everyone in the community and all of those who have been a part of it. My dad was a 1st and 2nd year alumni. The college was built at the same time as the temple in Hamilton New Zealand and has been a very big part of the people, the landscape and the community. There are many different reasons and opinions as to why it is being shut. The thing is that the bretheren at church headquarters have given the call for it too be done, and so it will be done. Very sad, but all good things must come too and end.

After I got back from reunion I got very very New Zealand Home Sick and went about trying to get back there. Unfortunately things have not turned out that way. I have to be honest in saying I didn't put as much effort into it as I should. One reason being I had too go through some "life learning" experiences. You know the type of experiences you don't really want too go through. But I have come through the other side and am still trying to figure out just what it was I was supposed too learn, to be honest ! Though i am still on a mission to go back. Time will tell.

And that my friends, is that. for now.

Hoping you are all well !!\

Kia Kaha


Shannon said...

I think you meant "I suck" because you do.
I hope that "I" means "I'm still alive."
Come back. Please. Don't make me get on my knees and beg. Again.

Trude said...

sorry .. I hit the return key before I finished .. so err come back and read again ??

Love you too bits ! :D :D

Abi-g said...

hey you. Great come back. Great tribute to CCNZ. I lovin' the fact that you are joining the crowd with your music... tino pai ehoa.

The older I get the more easily the tears flow when I think of home, or see anything from home. there is something about the land that calls us all home sometime in our lives. I want to be home so bad. But the country is in a mess, from what I hear.
I hope you get home when the time is right. I hope we get to catch up in Aotearoa sometime soon!