Wednesday, September 27, 2006

We're running out of water ! and Clergymen !

It's crazy here you know. I live in a huge metropolis (well huge for our standards) .. about 4million people. The city centre is built on a river and we are surrounded by beaches. Guess what, we are on high level water restrictions. My city has 27% dam levels. People are banned from watering gardens with hoses, they may use buckets. People are banned from washing their cars, pools must have covers (so the water doesn't evaporate). To the city west of us, Toowoomba, they are on the highest water restrictions, they can't even use a bucket to water their gardens, they aren't allowed to water or wash cars at all ! .. the crazy thing .. the city just south to me the Gold Coast has 90% dam levels, they are swimming in their water like it's Christmas. It's just crazy to think that one of the major cities of Australia can run out of water by 2008.

Wanna hear something else crazy ! Apparently the Catholic church in these parts is running out of priests. Noone wants to become one nowadays, what with the celibacy rule and all. It's true, my work colleagues who are Catholic were up in arms about it yesterday. Apparently some of them can only go to church once a month. Because their Priest has become a travelling priest, he has to visit other parishes every other day of the month. Without a priest they can't have church. It's not even like they live out in the country. They live in one of the local suburbs ..

Water and Clergymen, what is happening here !?

Thursday, September 21, 2006

I don't know what all the fuss is about. I'm just a guy who makes music - no different from anybody else : Elvis

I found someone to come with me ! yay ... 12th October, Brisbane Entertainment Centre, Section N .. which is not too shabby ! Thanks Howard :-)

Description Elvis Presley In Concert, the stunning theatrical production that reunites former band mates live on stage alongside Elvis as he performs a full concert on a giant video screen, continues its historic and critically acclaimed world tour with the announcement of Australian tour dates. The 2006 production has a dynamic set list similar to the sold out 1999 Australian tour, with additional songs and an even bigger stage production. Another addition to the 2006 tour is for the first time ever, the show will be accompanied by a select exhibit of original Elvis costumes and other concert-related items from the Graceland archives.

Monday, September 18, 2006

RSS ? Feeds ?

Can anyone tell me how to get these RSS Feed things to work ? I want to add the newsroom RSS Feeds to my website. I have read every single internet dummy explanation out there and still don't get it. So be forewarned, I need the dummiest of the dummies explanation.

Anyone ? Anyone ?

Saturday, September 16, 2006

How do YOU do it

Had a fun conversatioin with some friends over a hot milo and some chocolate cake ... It's amazing what kinda conversations one can come up in that type of atmosphere.

Anyways we got to talking about our clotheslines. I really can't remember ever seeing a clothesline in the USA, it's all dryers over there, right?

Here it's all about the clothesline, probably on account of, we can hang out our clothes and have them dried in a half hour, in time to hang out the next load. Actually our back yard clothesline is so huge we can hang 3 full loads out ! If we have enough pegs.

Which brings me to the social observation my friends and I made. There are definitely set classes of people, set aside by the way they hang out their clothes.

1. the people who just throw their clothes on the line and hold them on there with one peg. Throwing caution to the wind. Trusting in the elements that their clothes will cling to the line and survive the whooshing of the wind. No apparent care about how the clothes are hung or in what order. You can tell these people by the little bump in their clothes the peg makes wherever they have decided to peg it.

2. the people who peg the clothes up in a somewhat orderly fashion, usually joining clothes together on the edges, so they are opened up to receive the full advantage of the blazing sun and allowing the wind to penetrate the fibres. There is however no set pattern on which clothes go where or are attached to whom. You can tell these people by the elongated edges of their shirts and jumpers, caused by the hanging of the clothes by the edges.

3. the people who follow the people in section 2, but have a set order in which clothes are to be hung. Towels on the outer lines, followed by heavy clothing, like jeans, followed by shirts / dresses, followed by jumpers, and the middle of the clothesline is reserved for those private under clothes that we don't want the peeping tom next door to see.

4. are the people who follow the people in section 3, EXCEPT! each clothes item has its own set of pegs, AND they have an order in which things are done. Towels of similar colour and size are hung together, pants are hung upside down by the leg. Shirts / skirts / dresses are seperated into colour and size and hung up side down next to each other. Sox even get their own pegs and are matched and hung out to dry in a companionship never to be lost. Jumpers are hung over the line so that funny little peg imprints are not made in the fabric. Towels and other items such as shirts are half hung over the line, so their edges don't elongate.

5. very comparable to those in section 4, EXCEPT they have matching pegs and by matching I mean, the pegs match the same colours as the clothes! And their shirts/jumpers are hung from the clothesline on coat hangers so as not to lose any of their shape. Jeans are turned inside out, so as not to lose their colour. etc etc ..

Guess which group I belong too ...

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Send me your gold..

I can tell you if it's real or not. I have a sty growing on my eye, I can feel it. I've never in my life had a sty. What pressure I am under. Everyone knows to ward of sty's one must rub gold over the surface and on account of I only own two rings (all others have been lost ... ), one sterling silver CTR ring and one a gold cherubic one, I think I need your gold.

Here are some other remedies that supposedly work.

Run cold water over the tea bag. Squeeze most of the water out of the bag, and then place it on your eye for about 30 mins. I find if I do this twice a day, the sty normally goes away withina day.

Mix baby shampoo with water (half and half) of each. Put solution on a Q-tip and wash the eye lashes out. Do this twice a day for about two weeks. You will notice results real quick!
=== two weeks ? thats not QUICK !

Wet the tea bag withhot/warm water and place on affected eye for about half an hour 2-3 times a
day. This will bring your sty to a head (when you're able to see the pus, like a pimple). Using the tea bag will be helpful, a warm rag will also help to open pores where the sty is as well.
=== the point is I don't want the pus, oh but if I do see pus can I pop it ..

break one raw egg then remove yellow, using white of the egg only. place white of the raw egg in a white cloth or paper towel. then place on eye 3 times a day for 15 minutes at a time. this really works and draws the sty out of the eye. my grandmother done this for me and my brother, and it was gone in 2 days.
=== personally whatever grandma done always seems to work, I'm a gonna try this one ..

Also while looking up other alternative remedies to stop the sty. I came across the following to cure short sightedness. I have that disease! I'm gonna try it - we got plenty sun here to not look at.

I claim no origination for this, but some years ago (1995 I
think) I was reading a magazine article concerning near-sightedness. I had
been wearing glasses for nearsightedness for nearly 30 years since a small child. The article indicated, its possible if you sit in the early morning sun, not looking directly at it, but at a 45 degree angle, for app 15 minutes, changing eyes for another 15 minutes that your nearsightedness could improve.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

There's bits of me everywhere !

How about you?

By accident yesterday I stumbled upon a website I started a few years ago. One of my very first personal webpages. Then as I sat thinking about it, I thought, DANG, there's bits of me all over this world wide web. I wonder how long it will take for this blog to become another bit of me, left, in the great mass of information, that will be buried forever, never to be seen again, unless someone types something really obscure in a search engine and one of my sites happen to pop up. And even now people are trying to get me to join up on even more sites, like Bebo.. the fun never ends !

Wanna see some of my creations ? <<== this is an actual real website that I own, nifty eh.

Monday, September 11, 2006


This week marks the river festival. Our city is built on a river. This week is a celebration of the river. To start of the celebrations in conjunction with a local radio, the city council puts on a fireworks display, that is choreographed to music. The fireworks light up the whole city and last 30 mins. To start the fireworks 2 x F1-11's do a dump and burn. They also end the show. I gotta tell ya the dump and burn is AMAZING !

Anyways here are some shots my mates took. We were actually right outside of the Brisbane Temple, which overlooks the City. There were over 1/2 a million people all over the city watching the spectacular. Where we were was a fantastic place to see the F1-11's coz they come up behind the temple. AWESOME!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

It's pouring!

Yay it's raining! Please excuse us folk in the middle of a drought, we get excited when it rains . So much so the nieces/nephews and a flurry of other neighbourhood kids are outside in their shorts and t'shirts playing in it ! .. Oh wish I was a kid again so I could join them. Eh what the heck I think I will join them anyways.

I am guessing he's been buried

After Steve Irwin's family declined a state funeral, and opted for a private one (who wouldn't) I am guessing they have privately intured their father/husband/friend/son already. But in the not too distant future will organise a public memorial.

The public have been able to show their condolences by leaving trinkets and flowers at Steve Irwins Crocodile Farm - the Australia Zoo.

One of the fellas from work lives not far and took some of the following snaps on his way to work.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

My favourite Steve Irwin Interview

Andrew Denton is a well respected tv host here in Australia. Here is his interview with Steve Irwin back in 2003. It was one of his most watched interviews even back then.

It's in 4 parts.. the quality is pretty terrible, but it's still well worth the look !

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Monday, September 04, 2006

Crikey ... what a sad day

Steve Irwin Died. He's become an Australian Icon.

To be honest the first I ever heard of him was from American friends who raved about him.. At first I thought he was a total nutcase ! But boy did he put Australia on the map.

We all grew to fall in love with the guy. What was it that was so good about him ? Besides the Crocodile thing. Well let me share my impressions.

He was truly a down to earth aussie yocker, top bloke. Pure and simple. He was never pretentious about his fame and his wealth. What money he did make always went back into the causes he cared about - protecting Crocodiles and Wildlife. He made the outback come alive ..

You know what else, he was a very genuine, very nice bloke. Being able to live not that far from his Crocodile haven, I have visited quite a few times, and more than once I have spotted him riding around the park on his motorbike. One time I was listening to some guy on a didgeridoo all of a sudden Bindi (Steve's daughter) popped up and started playing with the guy; then out of nowhere Steve rode up on his bike to pick her up. He was just that approachable and likeable. And that folks is why he will be missed. And that folks is why there are alot of sad people around the globe, this very night.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Remember those fellas, yeah that was cool

Remember them ? the Ok Go, boys .. did the treadmill dance ? I mean it is a good song with or without the treadmills, but the treadmills were brilliant .. Only coz I know how hard it is to run on things let alone dance.

Anyways they performed the thing Live on the VMA's (yeah I didn't watch them either) ..

Anyways before their performance they ran into JC from N'Sync in the bathroom and he gave them some tips for the performance. Check out the guy who washed his hands ! I thought boys didn't wash their hands ..

Friday, September 01, 2006

those rascally rabbits

I hate baby rabbit season. Because baby rabbit season means spring season ..

and I hate spring, because spring means hay fever.

I knew ! something was up .. for the last week my eyes have been burning/watering incessantly. Then the last couple of days at work I was sneezing a lot. I thought it was a cold coming on. But this has been the warmest winter ever.

This morning I woke up with blocked sinuses. Got in the car to go to work and turned on the radio and what did I hear "Welcome to the first day of Spring!" ..

It hit me like a ton of bricks ! AARRGGHH SPRING !! HAY FEVER !! Go away you nasty baby rabbits.

So I was sitting here noticing my nose dripping like a tap .. and so poked at it .. my right nostril is so blocked, I can't even breathe out of it. Then I felt this sac full of liquid ! My sinuses have developed into balloons filled with liquid .. pretty cool huh .. Anyways for your learning pleasure the following information, this is all so totally me :

Hay Fever Symptoms
The usual symptoms of hay fever include the following:

Runny nose (clear, thin discharge)
Congested ("stuffy") nose
Postnasal drip
Sensation of plugged ear(s)
Watery, bloodshot eyes
Itching of nose, soft palate, ear canal, eyes, and/or skin
Trouble sleeping