Wednesday, November 21, 2007

kia kaha ki te rongo pai

I discovered the above when I created my Ldspacific website (which I really need to visit more often) .. it became the theme for the site. It means "to be strong in the gospel". Over the years it has become my mantra. Although I have modified it a bit, my mantra being "to be strong in your beliefs". That we should all be confident in our choices and decisions and own what we choose. Even if it turns out bad, we should use that as a learning experience and grow from it. Just never try to justify our wrong choices by blaming someone else ... does that make sense ??? This can then apply to everyone and everything. One thing that I am a big believer in is owning the choices we make. Take responsibility. I can never be critical of anyone who accepts the choices they have made and 'owns' them, even if those choices are wrong. I think it actually takes alot of courage and shows great character to stand up and be responsible.

That's all I wanted to say .. have a good day !

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Operator Please

Wanna know what's the hottest hip thing to hit our radio's lately ??

Well remember back in high school you dreamt of getting a bunch of your mates together and making a band .. you'd even practice during lunch .. then the school had it's local talent quest and you and your group entered .. and did your first and last performance .. remember those days .. the days you look back on now and laugh ..

Well these kids had that dream too . and have made a band . and won the local high school competition .. but they didn't stop there .. they kept going .. now these high school kids are one of the top acts in Australia . winning this years Break Through Single of the Year ARIA .. yeah .. they are 'still' high school kids too ..

I can see why they are popular with the younger crowd. I dare you to try not to bop your head to their break out song .. "it's just a song about ping pong"

Remember when Michael Jackson was hot ..

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Humbling somewhat..
I am highlighting the above blog and also adding it to my blog list. I stumbled across it only today. It's a blog written by a lady from Iraq. She has since moved with her family to Syria. Nonetheless reading her blog is both sobering and thought provoking.

Also, remember that painting I have been doing ? Well it's still not finished. I need to adjust and do some stuff to it. But here it looks pretty much finished so I reckon I'll show it. Now consider I am not an artist and I am definitely not a painter, in fact this is the first one I have ever done. This painting however has a story - personally I think that all artwork has a story and it's not until I hear or see that story that the painting comes to life. Anyways here it is, so far. I don't think I am quite ready to share what it all means though. Tell me what you think.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Just Call Me Mary ...

My boss called me into her office on Friday ... went something like this ..

boss: so Trudy got something you wanna tell me ?
Trudy: ummm let's see ... NO ! ?
boss: are you sure ... everyone else seems to know ! except me ...
Trudy: know what ... gulp ... what have I done ...
boss: the rumours in the branches are you are pregnant !
boss/Trudy : rolling on floor in fits of laughter ...
Trudy: breathe.huh.breathe.mepregnant.breathe.why?
boss: well you know ... some women get incredibly skinny when they get pregnant .. in the first stages ... and the factory guys that came down for training last week .. have reported back to all and sundry that you are looking so skinny, you MUST BE PREGNANT ! ..
boss/Trudy : crying ... tears of laughter ... people poking their heads in the office wondering what the commotion is.
Trudy: well just tell them to start calling me Mary if that's the case .. btw .. that's a compliment right ?

Thursday, November 01, 2007

I've been tagged !

I have to tell 6 things about me that none of you know .. which should be quite easy ! heh ... Ursula did it.

PS I am supposed to tag another 6 people .. so whoever reads this you are tagged ...

I'll go in order of memory .. aye ..

1. When I was little us neighbourhood kids made a go-cart and we would spend days having turns on it. One day I had my turn and went tearing down the hill which was our street, hair blowing in the wind (yes my long hair) ... suddenly my head was yanked back ... can you imagine .. my long hair got wrapped around the wheels ... Suffice to say there was an entourage of neighbourhoods kids marching back to my house .. Me walking in front crying, neighbourhood kids behind holding up the go-cart .. we couldn't untangle my hair ... The only way to do this was for my mum to cut it off .. hence my first bowlcut style hair cut ..

2. When I was a whee thing I was in a beauty contest .. I came second .. I was humiliated, not because I came second, but just that I had to parade in front of all of these strangers .. have hated beauty contests ever since .. and being in the public eye for that matter. It's all so very superficial .. I think it actually has led me to being quite shy, I hate people looking at me ! don't look ! hah

which is really weird because my next tidbit would probably make you think that's not true ..

3. When I was a teenager, my mum put us kids in a maori culture group - the daughter of the guy that runs the culture group at PCC was/is one of my mums good friends, it was her group. My bit in the limelight was to be the solo hula dancer. I loved it, even though one could say the costume was a bit revealing .. long white skirt with split up the side and bikini top .. (yeah back then I had the body for it and the grace). But I really loved the dancing aspect of it. Telling a story with the hands. Plus it was usually in the dark with a spotlight so I couldn't see anyone watching.

4. I absolutely looooove peanut butter, honey and banana toasted sandwiches. and my sources tell me so did Elvis ! I also LOVE spinach ! although I don't have muscles like popeye.

5. I've been to the USA 8 times and stil haven't seen New York ... ummm or Abigail ... or Sherpa ... or Dan and Jaime .. or Daisy .. or lotsa people, crikey I need to go again .. on my way to Italy of course.

6. When I saw Bridget Jones' Diary for the first time with my mother. I spent the first 10 minutes of the movie blubbering, literally .. as I watched my life being played before my eyes. I don't think my mum even knew I was crying, coz she turned to me laughing saying "this is so funny !"

Sometimes it gets a little frustrating.

In the news we hear about so many children that are hurt by their parents. The incident of the toddler that was stuffed in a suitcase and hidden in the local waterway really made me angry. As it would anyone. Then it seemed the news that I read was littered with stories of parents that have killed their children. People who don't deserve the chance to bring these beautiful spirits into the world. I know that sounds very selfish and judgemental of me to say.

I am really getting frustrated. And it's probably got alot to do with my age too. So take that into consideration .. heh.

I usually keep these things very private, and maybe I should continue to do so ! eh .. But I'd like to know when it will be my chance. Seems that everyone else in the world has managed to find some sort of way to have a relationship that enables them to have offspring. Actually seems like everyone else has found a way to have a relationship, period - whether that relationship has been a failure or a success !

People at church and outside of church look at me like I have the plague. Personally sometimes I look at myself the same way ! Most of us who are members know what it's like to be in the church and be my age and not have had one decent relationship, not at least be married by now and most importantly not having any kids. Believe me those of you who may think that it doesn't ever cross my mind - you're freakin idiots. A friend told me that people outside of the church are not as concerned about these things. Guess what, they are.

Anyways it just makes me crazy mad when I see how some children are treated in this world of ours. And makes me frustrated that I have not / and probably will not be given the opportunity to show how much I am wanting to love and nurture my own.

PS. Don't get me wrong I love seeing my siblings own families grow and prosper, just as I love seeing my friends do the same. You are all awesome and those of you with children are so blessed and fortunate to have these spirits in your guardianship. Continue to treat them as the treasures they are.